wear a lot of hats

Editor doesn't have to be
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Lisa Hislop

Not your average editor.

For a time, I was merely an autistic who turned her special interest in short stories into a career as a short-fiction editor.

Then one day, a friend hired me to help with a self-advocacy piece she was writing. I felt completely outside my wheelhouse. But as I read through, I realized that the story elements missing from her essay were suspiciously similar to those that make for a compelling short story. I sent my thoughts her way, and she loved the result.

Soon after, more people loved their results, and a couple of other people asked me to teach classes. Now, I am a double agent, editing short stories by day and helping autistic and disabled self-advocates hone their storytelling craft by night. (JK both are by day. I’m in bed by nine pm.)


I offer one-on-one revision coaching, editing services, revision workshops, and writing groups to help you get your manuscript ready for submission. For all of my services, my goal is to create an accessible and efficient environment for each person, so please contact me with any accommodations you need.


Work with me to take your manuscript from rough draft to submission ready. I offer one-on-one revision coaching and editing services.

One-on-one coaching explores how to use plotlines, character arcs, style, and voice in your non-fiction piece to make it more compelling and relatable for your readers. ($75 per hour)

When you’re happy with your work, hire me to make it error-free (without the worry that it will come back with ableist and “politically correct” language). (8-12 cents per word)

Or, contract me to edit content for your disability-related organization or publication.


Hire me to teach your community about self-advocacy writing. I have three pre-designed workshop packages (each includes a lecture, activities/handouts, and Q&A): 

“From Rough Draft to Submission: Step By Step Instructions for the Stuck Draft”

“Why Write: Reinvigorating Your Writing Through Burnout” 

“The Self-Advocate Storyteller: Developing Relatable Non-Fiction Characters and Plotlines”. 

Or, Commission custom courses to address your choice of topic, experience level and timeframe.

Writing Groups

Receive feedback on your work from people who get it! I currently host three virtual writing groups:  

The SCI BC Monthly Writers’ Workshop: first Wednesday of the month, for physically disabled folks.

The Short Story Writers’ Group: every Thursday night, all brains and bodies welcome. 

The Autistic Writers’ Group: third Wednesday of the month, for autistics only. 

All are free to the public, inclusive, non-pretentious spaces for writers of any level. 

Or, hire me to facilitate a writers’ group for your organization.

What self-advocates are saying

I am the friend! I had many doubts and concerns about my writing, but Lisa was very supportive and reassuring in the process. She was incredibly quick and thorough in her editing. I loved the detailed feedback and made all the recommended changes. I learnt so much in the process hand have more confidence as a result. I would highly recommend Lisa’s editing services.

Wendy Cooper Mental Health Advocate

Lisa has been running the SCI BC writers’ group every month since she delivered her Creative Writing 101 workshop to our community. It has met with great success because of Lisa’s knowledge, experience, patience and ability to meet the participant’s needs at every level and ability. I highly recommend utilizing Lisa’s skills for delivering workshops and supporting groups with continued education.

Teri Thorson
Peer Support Program Lead
Spinal Cord Injury BC

I met Lisa during the COVID19 pandemic via ZOOM videoconferencing, while taking a part in the SCI BC writers’ group, a regular monthly event she organizes and facilitates. She has been most helpful and proven herself to be a very capable organizer and facilitator. I like Lisa and she rightly deserves my highest recommendation.

Vaclav Hyrman, MD

The AutismBC members have shared that Lisa’s “Editing Skills for Self-Advocates: from First Draft to Publication” workshop is “informative, safe and inclusive, non-judgmental, and very helpful” and “It was presented by a passionate autistic speaker who knew her content really well and did a great job of relating with us through shared experiences. I could have had no interest in writing and still enjoyed it!” The workshop offers the autistic community something unique and valuable – the ability to share and learn from an autistic editor.

AutismBC aims to provide opportunities for connection, support, and empowerment – this workshop is a prime example of all three: connection to other autistic writers and others in the autistic community, support and guidance in the writing and editing processes, empowerment to learn in a safe online space to understanding core concepts of writing and editing can help with storytelling, sharing about one’s experiences, and learning to advocate for one’s self.

But not all writing needs to be about self-advocacy. This workshop is also accessible to those who are not looking or ready to share about themselves, some people join and focus on writing about short stories, fantasy or fiction, and I think that is what really elevates the workshop for me. All are welcome to participate how they choose.

I would highly recommend connecting with Lisa and others at one of these workshops. 

Brock Sheppard
Program & Operations Manager

I didn’t think I could write something that would make sense to anyone. Then I took Creative Writing 101 with Lisa and it changed my whole perspective on writing a story. Lisa’s down-to-earth energy and easy-to-follow writing workshop gave me encouragement to not only start writing but also be a part of the monthly writers’ workshop sponsored by SCI-BC, facilitated by Lisa. The first time I participated I thought I wouldn’t able to contribute anything due to my lack of confidence in my writing. With Lisa’s patience and encouragement, I feel like a writer and even provide feedback to other newcomer writers. I look forward to writers’ workshop each month. Lisa’s professional feedback is invaluable to me.

Dolly House

Lisa’s introductory course succinctly demystified “the process” of writing, without diminishing the underlying passion. It provided the impetus I needed to shift me from my status in the writing group as an aspiring observer to that of an active, albeit inchoate, contributor. The depth of her experience would threaten to make her feedback to group members unbearably intimidating, were she not able to use the guise of unmitigated universal bluntness to keep things light enough to deliver valuable incisive critique without triggering defensiveness or discouragement.  

Roderick Leighton, MD

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